Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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 is a name of such islamic school in which we provide evry typs of islamic teachings 
we have a team of great islamic expert quran tutors who have been teaching holy quran tajweed qirat tafseer
for years and years many children have memorized the entire quran from us and they have been busy in spreading this greatest wealth further. we give each child individual attention and moral training. children are asserts of parent teachers and nations. so it is our responsibility to give them brighter and better future. if we
graduate them just in terms of worldly life and we do not graduate them in terms of day after life than it is equivalent to push them in hell by your own hands. people of all ages from 4 to 90 can learn from us. you and your children will be satisfied from our teachers educational system and teaching method 


(1) we will spend incomes and funds on deserving students of our islamic education center who have come remote areas and getting free education accommodation and food 

  1. (2) spraeding islamic teachings in throughout the world in the form of online quran tajweed and tafseer

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  1. quran tutor
    tablet version of Facebook i was waiting for it. i will be really very happy when it will be launched. you are doing a great job keep it up. quran tutor

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  4. I truly appreciate your work you have made it so nice May Allah accept your struggle in his way.
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  5. online quran academy is an excellent Online Quran reading program that enabled kids and new Muslims all over the world to Learn Quran from home.

  6. The Shia tutor that we have at our center are not expert in the teaching of the Holy Quran but they also have expertise when it comes to the Fiqah-e-Islam.

  7. Our Holy Islam demonstrate us lesson of worship and kind to each other. Quran is our glorious and last book of religious Islam. Quran indicate us to spend our life as indicated by Allah,s solicitations and Muhammad (PBUH), orders. I am doing my commitment to educate the Quran to my Islamic kin. We should must learn tajweed online and learn Quran to grasp the Islam and Allah and his Last prophet of Allah Muhammad (PBUH).

  8. online quran classes for kids is an online Quran teaching institute, offering online Quran classes to teach you and your kids.

  9. I checked your blog I live in USA and want online shia quran teacher in Pakistan. Please tell me if you are offering online quran classes.

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